Let’s talk about *that* reveal on the latest episode of Watchmen

Photo: Regina King in Watchmen.. Image Courtesy Mark Hill/HBO
Photo: Regina King in Watchmen.. Image Courtesy Mark Hill/HBO /

When it comes to HBO’s Watchmen, each week we’re given new information to unpack but this last episode might have been the biggest shock of all.

For the last few weeks of Watchmen, it seemed as if Angela was in the dark and the only one trying to figure out everything happening around them. Well, we were all played to be fools. Because, as we learned by the end of the episode, Angela knew who Doctor Manhattan was all along, and she knows a lot more about the problems in Tulsa than she’s been letting on.

Cal, who was Angela’s overly sweet and extremely supportive husband, seemed to have something off about him from the start but none of us could really put our finger on what it was. Good to know that that “off” quality we clocked was just him being the human equivalent to the blue god that everyone thought had fled to Mars.

In the world of Watchmen, the theory is that Doctor Manhattan leaves this world behind and secludes himself away on Mars. There are “pods” in which you can reach out to him and they say that, in theory, he’s listening. In reality, he was just helping Angela raise their kids and had no clue who he truly was.

This week, we’ll probably see a bit more into how Angela met Doctor Manhattan in Vietnam and perhaps how, more importantly, he came to be Cal with an erased memory. Part of me wonders if that plea from Cal at the end of the episode was more because he couldn’t remember, or if it was because Doctor Manhattan took over this man’s body without his consent.

Whatever it is, things are getting bad enough in Tulsa for Angela to call him forward and, how is that going to work out between her and Laurie? Famously, Laurie Blake was with Doctor Manhattan before he vanished and, even more so, she still clearly has feelings for him as seen with her…ode to him in her hotel room.

It’s going to be a journey to see how they explain to the world that Dr. Manhattan has been here all this time but maybe it was for the better? Who is to really say?

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