Watchmen review: Laurie Blake is trying to escape her past while still in contact with it

Photo: Watchmen.. Photo: Mark Hill/HBO
Photo: Watchmen.. Photo: Mark Hill/HBO /

Laurie Blake came to Tulsa on this week’s Watchmen and as much as she tried to escape her past, she kept going back to the one relationship she used to love most.

This week’s Watchmen focused most of its time on Laurie Blake. Silk Spectre herself came to Tulsa when the Senator came to her and decided that she needed to take point on investigating the Seventh Kalvary and their involvement in Judd Crawford’s death.

What’s interesting about Laurie Blake is her connection back to the original graphic novel. While Ozymandias continues to try and relive Dr. Manhattan, Laurie’s storyline focused more on the fact that she was trying to connect back to Dr. Manhattan who was on Mars. Telling a joke, she brought up Nite Owl, Ozymandias, and Dr. Manhattan, commenting on the fact that they were the three heroes who went to see god.

Throughout the episode, she’s trying to figure out what is going on in Tulsa and is doing so through Angela. When Laurie has to go to the funeral for Judd, they quickly are overrun by a member of the Seventh Kalvary who breaks into the graveyard with a bomb strapped to him.

Laurie, who was there to try and talk to Angela, brought in a gun and shoots him dead. The problem is that the man’s plea that if he died the bomb would detonate was not a lie because it started to go off before Angela got everyone out and defused the situation. From there, the two sort of begin to talk to each other as Laurie tries to get answers about Judd Crawford and the secret in his closet and, in a brief moment, mentions her father.

There are moments where we see brief glimpses of Laurie’s connection to the Comedian and, with her name change to Laurie Blake, it is going to be interesting to explore her connection back to the man who raped her mother.

While the episode had brief glimpses of Ozymandias and Angela, the true star was Laurie and resulted in her going to the phone booth where you can send a message to Dr. Manhattan. There, she told him jokes and pointed out that she didn’t know why she kept trying to talk to him when he didn’t care but then he used the punchline of her joke (from Mars) to send her a message so, who knows, maybe that means we’ll see a Dr. Manhattan yet.

There is also an owl in a cage at Laurie’s home and I have to wonder what that means for the rest of our heroes from the graphic novel. Are they all going to make a comeback eventually? Until then, Laurie Blake is in Tulsa and who knows when she’s going to finish investigating the murder of Judd Crawford or how her relationship with Angela is going to go.

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