Watchmen: It looks like we’ll to get to know more about Looking Glass in this week’s episode

Watchmen -- Regina King, Tim Blake Mark Hill/HBO
Watchmen -- Regina King, Tim Blake Mark Hill/HBO /

Every episode of Watchmen, we’re learning more and more about our characters. This week, it seems as if we’re getting a glimpse into Looking Glass.

HBO’s Watchmen has been working to explore a different character with each of its new episodes. This week, it seems as if we’re getting a deeper look into the workings behind Looking Glass. A man who always takes to his psychological experiments to get the answers that he wants, Looking Glass is the kind of character who we actively don’t know much about.

This week, we see his struggle with anxiety, more of his life outside of his police work, and his connection to Laurie Blake and the entire investigation.

Watch the preview for tonight’s episode here:

What’s interesting about this is that Looking Glass suffers from anxiety and that, beneath the mask, he is lost in his own thoughts — at least from what we can tell. There is something dark about each of these characters. They’re all struggling with their lives outside of work, and they can’t stop themselves from getting lost in the case.

Angela is doing it despite trying to be there for her family, Laurie clearly is doing the same, and now we’re seeing that Looking Glass is using his work to keep himself out of his own mind. Everything about him from this trailer is interesting, and it helps that, this week, Ozymandias is probably going to attempt whatever it is he’s been working on. (Whether that’s going to Mars to see Dr. Manhattan or something else entirely, we still don’t know.)

Still, whatever this week shows us, hopefully it will shine a light on the overall end of this first season and how we’re going see everything coming together. Maybe we’ll get some answers and start to understand everyone’s motives but we may still have to wait.

dark. Next. Watchmen continues to bring the world to life, but when are we going to see more?

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