So is Ozymandias’ five act play just the entire plot of the Watchmen graphic novel?

Watchmen -- Jeremy Colin Hutton/HBO
Watchmen -- Jeremy Colin Hutton/HBO /

In this week’s Watchmen, we saw Ozymandias bring to life the creation of Dr. Manhattan, but does that mean that his entire play is just the graphic novel’s history?

Watchmen brought to life a group of heroes that we probably shouldn’t root for in the graphic novel. The television show isn’t that much different (with the exception of seemingly Angela) but what’s interesting is that Ozymandias, the villain from the series who won in the end, is writing a play.

That play? Apparently just the plot of Watchmen. This week, we got our first glimpse of his work and it is the origin of Dr. Manhattan. In the graphic novel, Dr. Manhattan becomes a blue, larger than life figure after an accident in his lab. And that’s exactly what Ozymandias brought to life on stage. Sure, we only saw that one bit, but if this play is supposedly five acts, we have to assume that it is just more of the story we’ve already seen right?

Is this how the series is going to bring in our favorite characters from the original story? We know that Laurie Blake is coming to the series next week but there are still so many heroes (including Laurie’s parents and Nite Owl) that we haven’t seen and, to be honest, if they were only represented in Ozymandias’ work, I wouldn’t hate it.

His life is still a mystery to us and maybe that’s why I’m so obsessed with how the show plans to explore his storyline. But what we have seen so far is that he’s stuck back in his old ways, maybe has plans for the future, and has seemingly figured out cloning and is using it so he can kill off his servants and still be fine for his housework.

It’s going to be fun to see where this character goes but it is even better now that we’re getting looks into his bizarre world of his theater. Will this five act play be a bigger part of the overall series? Only time can tell!

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