Not everyone likes Peter’s new look in Spider-Man: Far From Home


Sure, Peter Parker probably has to grow into his Tony-Stark-approved glasses, but Spider-Man: Far From Home has someone who doesn’t like them at all.

Tony Stark casts a big shadow over Spider-Man: Far From Home, not only thematically but also sartorially. We’ve seen Peter wearing Stark Industries glasses before, but in a new TV spot, we get to see some of what they do — and what other people think of them.

With less than a week to the release of the film, this is still some new footage that will hopefully make it into the movie.

Check it out below:

To be fair, Peter does look like a kid dressing up in his dad’s clothes a little bit. The style of the glasses really plays up his resemblance to Tony (or at least a less-bearded Tony), and don’t seem to really fit him as much as they fit Tony. In fact, it seems like he has to figure them out as well considering the strike that he seems to inadvertently order at one point in this teaser.

In a thematic sense, though, all of this not fitting hangs together with one of the central ideas being hammered home by all of Far From Home‘s promotional materials: how does Peter succeed Tony as a superhero? How does he marry his identity as the “friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” with the hero — the Avenger — that Tony once encouraged him to be and Fury seems to believe he is, when he’s out of his element and quite literally not in his neighborhood anymore?

Maybe we’ll see Peter adjust these glasses, making a new pair better suited to his own facial structure and with a different voice. Who knows? He might even be able to create an AI voiced by Tony himself to use toward the end of the film.

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Even so, it’s very rude of Mysterio to knock the glasses, isn’t it? Let Peter grieve by using a final gift from his mentor, dang it!

Spider-Man: Far From Home is in theaters July 2.