Move over Uncle Ben, Tom Holland thinks Tony Stark has taken his spot


The MCU never gave Peter Parker an Uncle Ben moment. Despite that, Tom Holland thinks Tony Stark has taken over as that important figure in Peter’s life.

There’s a moment when every version of Spider-Man must come to face the hard, cold fact that they’re about to lose one of the most important people in their lives: Uncle Ben. We saw the tragic scenes unfold in both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man movies, but the MCU seemed to gloss right over Uncle Ben when it came to be Tom Holland’s turn.

We may think Holland’s Peter Parker was cheated out of his (albeit, hackneyed) Uncle Ben moment, but Uproxx has brought up that it seems to be otherwise.

In their interview with Holland, Uproxx mentioned that the MCU’s Peter didn’t initially have an origin story based on losing Uncle Ben. Though, as we saw in Avengers: Endgame, Peter ended up losing Tony Stark, who became more of an important figure in his life than any Uncle Been we saw on screen. Holland agreed that Tony has taken over that role, saying:

"I think he probably was, you know? I think he was very– very much took on the mantle as his father figure, and losing him is a huge blow to Peter Parker obviously. And that’s what’s so nice about Mysterio kind of flying in is that he can fill those shoes a little bit and be Peter Parker’s mentor and his big brother at the same time."

Holland has mentioned before that his character and Mysterio will get on quite well in the movie. And we’ve said countless times before that we’re highly suspicious of Mysterio’s motives. He is a comic book villain after all, and we don’t think he’ll be innocent for long.

We don’t doubt that he and Peter will be best of friends, though. That seems pretty solidified at this point. But the disappointing thing will be if Peter loses Mysterio’s trust, especially since he’s still hurt about losing Tony.

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For now, we’ll just have to see if Peter and Mysterio’s friendship will hold the tests of time. You can see for yourself when Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters on July 2.