LEGO lets you recreate an iconic moment from Jurassic Park with its new T-Rex Rampage


It has been 26 years since Jurassic Park hit our screens, and in honor of the occasion, LEGO is letting us recreate an iconic scene with its newest set.

Are you a fan of Jurassic Park? Have you devoured all of the movies in the series because of your love of dinosaurs? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then LEGO has you covered.

In honor of the 26th anniversary of Jurassic Park on June 11, LEGO will be unveiling its latest addition to its building sets. This time, you get to experience T-Rex’s Rampage as he takes on the park (and the people) in the movie.

In recreating this iconic scene, LEGO fans will have the opportunity to build T-Rex himself, as well as the gate to Jurassic Park. Included in the set are 3,120 building bricks, six character mini-figures, a baby dinosaur, and even a display stand for your T-Rex that includes facts about this true king of the land (we see you, lions, and raise you a dinosaur).

If you are wondering which characters will be included in the mini-figures, have no fear, as your favorites are here. You get Ian Malcolm, John Hammond, Ellie Sattler, Dennis Nedry, Ray Arnold, and Alan Grant to make your Jurassic Park scene as accurate to the movie as possible.

And that’s not all that makes this LEGO set special. The gate actually does open and the detail work means that you get flames and jungle leaves to really set the scene. Plus, on the inside of the gate, the framework lets you build minis scenes from the park as well, such as Hammond’s dining room or Malcolm’s bunk bed area.

If you are a fan (of both the movie and the building blocks) and are curious as to when you can get your hands on this amazing set, you won’t have to wait forever. If you are a LEGO VIP, then you can snag the Jurassic Park: T. Rex Rampage set as early as June 19. However, if you are not a VIP, the set is available to the public on July 1.

You can pick up your new favorite LEGO set from the company’s website or directly from their stores.

We are excited about this release because not only do we love the Jurassic Park franchise, but we love dinosaurs, too. And that means that this is the LEGO set of our dreams.

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Are you excited for this new LEGO set? Will you be picking one up when they release this summer? Tell us what you think in the comments below.