LEGO reveals five new Harry Potter inspired building sets, including an advent calendar for the holidays


Wands at the ready! Harry Potter fans will have a new chance to explore the world of Hogwarts and the movies thanks to five new LEGO building sets and an advent calendar set.

Harry Potter and LEGO fans rejoice! It is officially the year of the Harry Potter LEGOs and we are totally here for it all. This is because there are new building sets heading your way that let you once again relive the magic of both the movies and the books. And since this is not the first time that LEGO has released Harry Potter themed sets, we are excited to see these new additions to the collection as they will make it easier than ever to create an entire world of wizardry in miniature.

Not only will you get characters, but also specific scenes that will have you creating five epic moments and an advent calendar that will leave you ready for a weekend Harry Potter marathon. From Dementors to the Triwizard Challenge, these sets will transport you back to the wizarding world one block at a time.

LEGO revealed in a press release the names of all five sets, as well as images of each scene. Each set features an iconic moment from the Harry Potter series in full detail from the characters to the individual pieces of decor.

Harry Potter Lego Set. Photo: Lego

Up first, there is the Expecto Patronum scene. In this scene, we get to build the moment that Harry Potter saves Sirius Black from the Dementors. The set includes four minifigurines, the forest scene itself, Harry’s wand, and a Stag figure.

Harry Potter Lego Set. Photo: Lego

Then there is the Hungarian Horntail Triwizard Challenge set, which features four new character minifigures, as well as dragons, the broomstick that Harry uses to race, and a tent that will remind you of the scene straight out of the movie. (Honestly, I am here for the dragons and need this set in my life!)

The third set is Hagrid’s Hut: Buckbeak’s Rescue, which is the scene where Harry and Hermione rescue Buckbeak and have to hide behind giant pumpkins. This set gives you six new minifigures, Hagrid’s hut and pumpkin patch, the desk set up for inside the hut, the main room of the hut with furniture, and of course a Buckbeak. Basically, this is all about the details and we love it.

Harry Potter Lego Set. Photo: Lego

For the fourth set, we get the Hogwarts Clock Tower, which gives us an impressive eight minifigures, Yule Ball costumes, iconic locations from the movies, such as the Dark Arts classroom, Dumbledore’s office, and more. This set is impressive and not to be missed for any Harry Potter fan. In fact, this might be the most iconic of the LEGO sets being released in 2019.

Harry Potter Lego Set. Photo: Lego

In the fifth set, we get the iconic Knight Bus. This comes with three minifigures, the three-tiered bus, and even the swinging chandelier, as well as Harry’s magical chest. Honestly, if this bus doesn’t call to mind the magic of the books and movies, we don’t know what will.

Harry Potter Advent Calendar Set. Photo: Lego

Finally, this year, we get a Harry Potter‘s Advent Calendar Set. Not only does it come with seven minifigures, but there are also 24 gifts that work perfectly to create a festive scene straight out of the movies. It’s all about the holidays both in real life and in the movies with this set.

All six sets are all about magic and wonder, as well as creativity. This is a chance to explore the wizarding world in a whole new way as you build each of these scenes from the ground up.

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While the first five sets are all releasing in August, the Advent Calendar gets its debut in September. And we cannot wait because Harry Potter is life and of course so are LEGOs.