Robert Downey Jr.’s tech-based plan to clean the Earth proves he’s really Tony Stark


An initiative is being launched by Robert Downey Jr. to help clean the Earth. With its focus on tech, it has us suspicious that Tony Stark isn’t gone after all.

Robert Downey Jr. isn’t fooling anyone anymore. The actor is becoming more and more like Tony Stark every day, and his latest green initiative is just proof that the two are becoming one and the same.

On Tuesday, as Variety reports, Downey announced that he’s launching a new organization that merges innovation with environmentalism to clean the Earth. The project is called the Footprint Coalition, aptly named, as its aim seems to be to reduce the damage left by our carbon footprint on the environment.

Speaking at Amazon’s re:MARS conference as a keynote speaker, Downey embraced his inner Tony Stark, as he shared his vision for bringing the tech world into play when it comes to helping our environment.

"Between robotics and nanotechnology, we could probably clean up the planet significantly, if not entirely, within a decade… I’m going to spend the next months putting this together correctly and getting actual smart people around me."

In the speech, as noted by Forbes, Downey plans to have the website for Footprint Coalition officially up by April 2020.

The one thing Downey has yet to do is figure out the exact specifics of how he plans to have his vision become a reality. But, in consulting his experts on the subject, we’ll likely see a solid plan from him in the times to come.

It goes without saying that this is completely something we’d see from the MCU’s Tony Stark. In the first Avengers, for example, Tony was able to make Stark Tower become a completely self-sustaining, clean energy source. Downey may not do all the tinkering himself the way Tony Stark does, but its a step in the right direction nonetheless.

Now, Downey can join his other friends in the Green Avengers (that’s what we’re calling it). Co-stars Mark Ruffalo and Don Chedal, who play the Hulk and War Machine respectively, have been vocal about fighting climate change. For Avengers: Endgame, the duo released a limited edition shirt to support The Solutions Project — an organization dedicated to increasing the use of clean energy sources.

Chris Evans, too, has been supportive of improving our environment. Much like the hero he is, earlier this year, he took a moment on Twitter to call out the president on confusing weather patterns versus the effects of climate change.

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The good thing is the Green Avengers isn’t an initiative fans are excluded from. With it being so easy to do our part to help our environment, anyone can be Earth’s mightiest hero.