Chris Evans heroically schools Donald Trump on global warming


Chris Evans is yet again proving that he and Captain America are inseparable. This time, he’s giving it to Donald Trump straight when it comes to climate change.

In this time of need, our country deserves a hero. A person who loves his country to death, stands up to injustice and is willing to hand it to a politician or two if need be. If you were thinking of Captain America, you’re close. But the closest we’ll ever get to having a Captain America in real life is Chris Evans himself.

That’s why it should come as no surprise that our IRL hero recently spoke out against Donald Trump on Twitter, essentially schooling him on his presumptions about climate change and global warming.

On Sunday, Trump expressed his unhappiness with Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar. The senator announced she was running for president, and her campaign is already taking a firm stance on reversing the effects of climate change. To Trump, running your campaign with that as one of your key issues was an enigma to him, as apparent by his tweet below:

The next day, Evans caught wind of the tweet, and added in his own two cents to the discussion. Evans (who seems like he was one tweet away from exclaiming “You absolute numbskull!”) responded to the president saying:

Of course, Chris Evans is no expert in climate change (and he doesn’t claim he is), but he knows what he’s talking about. Time and time again, studies and articles upon articles have proven that cold weather does not refute that our planet is becoming warmer. A simple search online brings up hundreds of results, including this one that might be of use to President Trump from NASA Climate Kids titled “It’s cold! Is global warming over?

NASA sums it up quite simply, saying that short-term weather does not equal the long-term weather:

"Scientists say severe winter weather like we had in 2010 is still to be expected from time to time. That kind of weather happens even while man-made greenhouse gases build up in the atmosphere creating a long-term warming trend for the planet. When we look into our future, we definitely see a warmer world."

And at the end of NASA’s article, Trump might enjoy the little photo of puppy Bo Obama playing in the snow. Not related to climate change, but still cute.

That being said, if Chris Evans needs receipts in this battle to educate the president, there’s definitely a lot out there to back him up. Recently, Evans was in Washington, D.C. to meet with lawmakers, so we certainly believe his time defending our country isn’t up just yet.

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We may only see Chris Evans as Captain America one more time in Avengers: Endgame this April. But it doesn’t seem like he’ll be any less heroic anytime soon.