10 of Iron Man’s most memorable scenes in the MCU

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Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War..Iron Man/Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.)..Photo Credit: Film Frame..© Marvel 2016

The MCU started with Iron Man, and our appreciation for this selfless hero is long overdue. So, let’s discuss a few of Tony Stark’s most iconic scenes throughout his MCU history.

Warning: This slide show contains some spoilers for Avengers: Endgame. Take caution unless, of course, you’re okay with heavy spoilers.

Tony Stark didn’t just build the prototype for his Iron Man suit in his first movie. It might have been the first of his inventions we experience in the film universe, but it isn’t the most noteworthy.

He built the MCU.

The cinematic universe started with Iron Man, and thanks to him, the MCU has a chance to continue well beyond Avengers: Endgame. Like any of the six original Avengers, Tony has had a decade of character development, which allows so many fans to resonate with some aspect of his characterization. Because Iron Man’s journey in the MCU has ended, we’re celebrating his 10 most memorable moments throughout the MCU.

If the spoiler warning didn’t scare you away, then you already know what happened to Tony in the final fight scene in Endgame. The sequel to Infinity War signifies the end of an era, but it also marks the end of Iron Man, at least for now. He started the cinematic universe by being Iron Man, and he ended it that way. While we’re commemorating just 10 of Iron Man’s most memorable MCU moments, he’s had a lot of strides in his character trajectory alone.

Healing from his abusive childhood is arguably some of his strongest implicit growth over the years. He was afraid to become a father because he didn’t want to end up like his own, Howard Stark. While Endgame has some questionable implications when it comes to abusive fathers and necessary forgiveness, it ended his arc by giving him a conventional family.

He’s made his own family in his creations, just like he found a family in the Avengers, and later started a family with Pepper Potts. All that family focus has lead to dozens of important moments and an extensive amount of growth for a truly altruist hero, who just happens to hide behind an egotistical facade. Being the foundation of the MCU for just over a decade allowed for a swarm of memorable scenes, but we’re focusing on 10 of Iron Man’s best moments. However, we’re thankful for every moment Tony Stark has given us over the years (in movie, comic, and animated form).