10 eye-opening health documentaries you can stream right now

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Still from Cooked documentary. Image courtesy of Netflix.

Health documentaries are streaming everywhere in order to educate us on how to live our best lives. Here are some of our favorites available now!

It seems like America is obsessed with health lately. And that’s a good thing! With the uprise of diseases and obesity, it’s only natural that we begin to look at what we are putting in our bodies that may be contributing to this diminishment of good health around the country.

Throughout all forms of media, there have been investigations into health, diet, and the prevention or reversal of long-term diseases. These documentaries take all those into account and focus on different issues in order to identify how we can better our lives and our well-being.

Some of these documentaries focus on the beginning of the cycle, the food production industry. They discuss the corruption of the business, as well as the extra chemicals, pesticides, and sugars that become hidden in our food.

Other documentaries on this list focus on obesity and the reversal of this rising disease. They talk about the old and new methods. And, they question if are all calories created equal, spoiler alert, they’re not.

And, finally, some documentaries focus on the way the food industry has changed over time. From the big business, to how we prepare things in our own kitchen. This brings to light how diet diseases have hit an all-time high. And, the truth is, exercise alone just isn’t cutting it!

Check out these health documentaries that will make you want to really think about what you put in your mouth. We guarantee you’ll come out of this living a much healthier lifestyle. Just remember to consult your doctor if you decide on a big diet change. No one diet is right for everyone.

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