10 can’t-miss crime documentaries you can watch on Netflix right now

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Photograph of Catherine Cesnik in Netflix’s The Keepers. Photo credit: Courtesy of Netflix.

Crime documentaries are all the rage right now, and Netflix has got you covered. Here is the list of all the crime docs you can’t afford to miss.

Crime-doc lovers: as always, Netflix has got your back when it comes to dishing you the best crime documentaries on the market. Like, seriously. They have so many to choose from that it might be overwhelming.

Of course, there are many documentaries and docu-series that deal with heavy themes like murder: murders of lovers in fits of passion, the serial killer docs, murders of co-workers, etc. However, murder is often rationalized or explained in these superb documentaries as some of them delve into issues of morality, while others dive into the deep, dark human psyche of some of the most infamous killers of our society.

Then, there are documentaries pertaining to other crimes such as the corrupt justice and legal system, theft crimes, abductions, brainwashing schemes, and religious conspiracies and coverups — all of which are as well-done, informative, and intriguing as the huge cluster of murder crime docs available to stream.

Despite the heavy nature of the subject matter, there’s still something to admire about the films overall. These documentaries are done in so very unique styles. One even creates a mock audition for a fictional show centered around the crime in order to get perspectives on people’s emotions, feelings, and stigmas surrounding the crime — which also helps to generally explore the effect of media coverage on crimes.

So, whatever gets your motor running when it comes to crime documentaries, Netflix has something for you. Here is our top 10 list of our current favorites streaming now. Get the popcorn ready before you sit because you are not going to want to miss a minute of these gems.

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