Jurassic World: The Ride impresses thanks to Chris Pratt and Mosasaurus


As fans anticipate the opening of Jurassic World: The Ride, Universal revealed new details about the gigantic Mosasaurus and Chris Pratt reprising his movie role.

Universal excels at bringing movie experiences off the screen and into the real world. In the highly anticipated Jurassic World: The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, the immersive experience will have fans thinking that they stepped into the movie world, not just a thrill ride.

In many ways, the premise of Jurassic World, the movie, is a theme park experience that numerous people would be clamoring to visit. Although the movie experience has an unfortunate outcome, those characters and dinosaurs offer an imaginative world that people want to explore.

For the first time, Universal is having Chris Pratt, Bryce Howard and BD Wong reprise their Jurassic World characters in this theme park experience. Previously, these actors/characters had not appeared as their characters outside of the films. Having the real actors appear in the ride adds authenticity.

This choice shows how characters can be critical to theme park experiences. Adding the real actors, in the roles that they had created, makes this ride seem as if the riders are stepping into the movie and the experience. The ride is more than just a thrill; it is a story from start to finish.

These real, original story lines give fans a new experience. While the movie built the fandom, the theme park experience keeps the excitement going for years to come. It is almost like an old friend that you want to visit time and again.

Looking at other recent developments in Universal’s theme parks attractions, the commitment to authenticity is clear. For example, the immensely detailed Hagrid in the upcoming Harry Potter coaster puts riders face to face with the beloved keeper of keys. Without that moment, the ride feels almost incomplete.

Thinking about Universal’s ride experiences, each ride seems to build on giving the movie fans more of what they want. As seen in the newest campaign, “It Just Got Real”, that “real” drives the fans to keep coming back time and time again.

Although this attraction brings an original storyline to life, the dinosaurs that captured everyone’s imagination play a huge role in the experience. From the gigantic Indominus Rex to the aquatic Mosasaurus, these dinosaurs almost steal the spotlight from the movie stars.

While the characters help with authenticity, the technical side continues to impress theme park fans. Specifically in this ride, the Mosasaurus is a sight to see.

The Aquarium Observatory offers state of the art visual effects and technology to impact how guests see the Mosasaurus. From adapting to time of day to even including changing weather, the experience shifts. The choices add to the realism of the experience.

Even though guests know that this ride is just an experience, the level of realism gives fans what they crave. People no longer want to sit on a bus and watch screens pass by. They want a feeling that each time in the boat is both similar and different.

Just like watching a favorite movie over and over, the ride needs to have the familiar. There is a feeling that fans want to recreate, which is why they go back time and again.

Still, the slight differences keep it entertaining. While people might recite Dr. Wu’s customary introduction, the changing aquarium adds a level of intrigue. It keeps it fresh, yet doesn’t stray too far from the expected.

As Universal continues to expand its theme park attractions, it will be interesting to see how these additions effect upcoming projects. While Universal Orlando Resort has not confirmed the addition of a new Jurassic-themed attraction, construction at Universal Islands of Adventure shows that a significant change is coming to the area.

Although it doesn’t seem likely that the massive aquarium could be coming to the Orlando theme park, the character driven storyline seems possible. In some ways, with the location close to the lagoon, the Mosasaurus could be coming to Orlando.

For Jurassic World fans, a visit to Universal Studios Hollywood will be a must this summer. While everyone will find a way to escape this adventure, the experience will last long after the water has dried from your shirt.

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What is your favorite Universal theme park ride? Do you think that theme parks are going in the right direction with immersive attractions?