Is a new Jurassic Park ride coming to Universal Islands of Adventure?


Move over Harry Potter. Could a new Jurassic Park ride in Universal Islands of Adventure stomp over that other huge roller coaster addition?

A new Jurassic Park ride appears to be the newest expansion coming to Universal Islands of Adventure. While everyone knows that the new Harry Potter ride will be unveiled this year, another theme park addition may be coming along, too. Will the dinosaurs of Jurassic World stomp all over the Wizarding World?

A walk through Universal Islands of Adventure shows interesting changes. The “Jurassic” themed games have disappeared and some fencing has been erected.

While some people might have thought this change was just maintenance and details are scarce for now, various reports show that a new Jurassic Park ride will be stomping through the area.

It’s also worth noting that although Universal Studios Hollywood chose to update the theme on the Jurassic World ride, the Florida theme park already incorporated the newer movies into many of its experiences. Updating the existing water ride wasn’t necessary.

For the new ride, it could be a variety of options. A simulator-style ride has become popular with theme parks. These rides offer immersive experiences that guests enjoy. Also, many of these rides are age inclusive, which is becoming a priority for theme parks.

Photo Credit: Universal Orlando Resorts

If guests are given a way to feel as if they’re walking right into the Jurassic Park world, fans will definitely get excited. Imagine feeling what it is like to ride in a gyro sphere (hopefully, nothing goes wrong during your experience). There are many more options to create a whole new world in a simulator style ride.

One of the favorite rides that only kids (or parents with kids) can enjoy is the Pteranodon Flyers. So many older guests (if you’re over 56 inches you have to be accompanying a rider under 36” tall) want to experience this ride. Maybe Universal has found a way for everyone to have this “flying” experience.

Given the area and the theme, it doesn’t seem likely that this new Jurassic ride will be a roller coaster. The footprint isn’t necessarily big enough for such a large undertaking. Additionally, Islands of Adventure already has the Hulk roller coaster. A different option seems more likely.

Although Universal doesn’t comment on speculation, recent company billboards show an emphasis on the Jurassic World marketing. The new “smile” ads predominately feature a dinosaur. Perhaps we can expect an announcement in the near future?

Universal Islands of Adventure has long been named one of America’s favorite theme parks. Whether it is the Wizarding World or the Marvel themed area, guests love this Universal theme park. Now with additional rides coming to the experience, this theme park will see a bigger influx of guests.

While the new Jurassic Park ride is causing a stir, the new Harry Potter coaster is going to be a huge unveiling for the theme park. Although the exact opening date is unknown, some employees may begin ride simulations soon.

Construction is nearing completion. The roller coaster track seems to complete. The ride appears have both indoor and outdoor elements. While it replaced the fan favorite Dragon Challenge, this ride will surely have Harry Potter fans lining up for the new experience.

An announcement about the Harry Potter ride’s opening date should be on the way. A late Spring date would make sense as it would allow summer visitors to experience the attraction. Also, it would allow Universal to have a new attraction before Disney unveils Galaxy Edge at Hollywood Studios.

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Is the possibility of a new Jurassic Park ride at Universal Islands of Adventure making you want to book a trip?