See the teaser image for the latest Wizarding World of Harry Potter coaster


As new Harry Potter ride details emerge, fans are starting to anticipate the 2019 opening. What can fans expect based on this new image from Universal Orlando?

Universal Orlando released new Harry Potter ride details in the form of a rendering and a short statement. Although the information is brief, Harry Potter fans are quick to speculate on the newest addition to the Hogsmeade area. Will this new ride appease fans who miss the Dragon Challenge?

Hidden behind a wall at Hogsmeade, the Universal team is assembling another experience in the Harry Potter world. While last year’s closing of the Dragon Challenge made many fans distraught, this new Harry Potter ride will hopefully offer fans an even more thrilling experience. But, what can people really expect next year?

In the recent Universal press release, the theme park states that the ride will be a coaster experience. Specifically, “the new experience will become Universal’s most highly-themed coaster yet- immersing guests in an all-new adventure that is the next installment of the Wizarding World brought to life at Universal Orlando Resort.” The rendering below accompanied this statement.

Newly released image from Universal Orlando, new coaster experience coming to Wizarding World of Harry Potter, photo provided by Universal Orlando

While Universal doesn’t comment on speculation or address rumors, the press release statement has many fans wondering what this coaster experience will be. Since the statement references the Wizarding World, this new ride doesn’t necessarily have to be strictly from the world of the original Harry Potter books. Could the elements in the Fantastic Beasts movies make an appearance?

At the bottom of the image, the little creature could hold a clue. In other Harry Potter experiences, Harry and friends are predominantly featured. This picture has no reference directly to Harry himself. While Hogwarts castle appears in the distance, that visual doesn’t necessarily mean that this coaster experience must focus on him. Many famous and important wizards have passed through those castle walls.

While the exact theme of this ride is unclear, one large component was revealed. This theme park ride will be a coaster experience. That phrasing makes it sound like the ride will incorporate both a steel track and indoor experience portion. Looking at the recent aerial footage, the track appears to weave in and out of buildings. Although not necessarily offering huge drops, twists or turns, this coaster experience could rely on emerging technology for its biggest thrills.

Universal incorporated special technology in the Fast and Furious Supercharged Ride where visuals appeared 3D-like without the need for special glasses. At the ride’s launch, Universal representatives made it sound like this technology (and its future incarnations) would be incorporated into newer rides. It seems likely that this technology could be incorporated into this new ride experience, too.

Based on the Universal statement, picture, and other local footage, this new Harry Potter ride will be family inclusive. More and more theme park rides are designed to include the widest range of ages. With the popularity of the Wizarding World, it makes sense that Universal would want a ride that is both age and height inclusive.

The Harry Potter-themed areas are big draws for Universal. From the interactive wand displays to the nighttime shows, fans spend hours and hours exploring this “world.” Every detail is exact and fans feel as if they are transported into the pages of the book or the scenes of a movie. This newest coaster experience will surely adhere to those exacting details.

Unfortunately, fans will have to stare at this one rendering for a while. The exact opening date and additional details are unknown at this time. If you visit Universal Orlando Resort, you can try to peek over that green wall. It is a construction site and it doesn’t really give too many clues. But in a few months’ time, that view could change a lot.

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Do you think that the Universal’s new coaster experience is a new Harry Potter ride, or do you think something else from the Wizarding World is being built in the shadows of Hogwarts Castle?