Fantastic Worlds or Universal’s Epic Universe: A hint for Universal Orlando’s fourth theme park?


Fantastic Worlds or Universal’s Epic Universe. Which name could be Universal Orlando’s fourth theme park? Or, could something else be developing?

Two Universal trademarked phrases, Fantastic Worlds and Universal’s Epic Universe are causing some speculation in the theme park industry. In a quarterly earnings call, a Universal executive said that the company is looking at a new gate, which means another theme park. Could one of these recently trademarked phrases be the fourth Universal Orlando area theme park?

Earlier this year, Universal purchased 500 acres of property in the vicinity of its other theme parks. That type of land is too large to just be hotel expansion. Universal already has plans in place for more hotel rooms and resort expansion. The likely use for the 500 acres is a new theme park.

(Photo by Roberto Gonzalez/Universal Orlando Resort via Getty Images)

Previously, expansion talk has focused on the kid-area of Universal Studios. While the E.T. Ride will always be part of the theme park, the other parts of the kids’ area aren’t overly popular. Many guests skip over that area. Expanding that area to include Pokemon rides seems likely. Still, the two new trademarked names are more than just a new ride.

Looking at the two names, neither one seems Nintendo-themed. Everyone assumed that a Nintendo based theme park is coming, but neither of these names scream Mario or Donkey Kong. Truthfully, Fantastic Worlds sounds more like a potential name for the new Harry Potter roller coaster. The trademarked name doesn’t have to be for a theme park.

With construction fully underway for the new ride at Universal Islands of Adventure, no one truly knows the exact theme of this roller coaster theme park ride. While it is believed that the ride will be family inclusive, the visuals and themes are closely guarded. Since it will be in the Hogsmeade area, it will have to be authentic to the brand.

If Universal was to use another J.K. Rowling property as an entire theme park, it would take a huge undertaking. Everything in both Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley adhere to exact details. Ever wonder why you can’t refill your Universal cup at a Coke Free Style machine in those areas? Those items aren’t available in the Harry Potter world.

Personally, the Universal Epic Universe sounds like a much more interesting concept. While it won’t be superheroes related, Universal does have so many properties that could be used in another theme park. Just looking at the recent nighttime show, Cinematic Celebration, Universal has so many iconic and popular properties so there are many themes that could be used.

Of course, Universal will not comment on any of these speculations. The company never comments on rumors. It was surprising that a few tidbits of information came out of the earnings call. Maybe at the next opening event, like next month’s Adventura Hotel opening, officials could drop a few more hints on what is to come.

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Which name do you think could make a more interesting theme park name, Fantastic Worlds or Universal’s Epic Universe?