Sophie Turner has the best Game of Thrones BTS photo of them all


Sophie Turner has added fuel to the Stark family flames on Game of Thrones for years, but now that season 8 is over, she has one last killer photo.

Perhaps the only person who can now match Sophie Turner for “best Game of Thrones behind the scenes photo” is Maisie Williams, but the competition will be stiff after the latest effort from Turner.

Well, let’s face it: Unless Williams has a selfie of herself in full Arya costume with these sunglasses, or at least a higher-quality image of this, then it’s probably not going to happen.

Here’s the image Turner posted to Instagram.

Where do we begin? With Turner ripping a Juul pod to the right? (She originally tagged Juul’s official Instagram, but that has since been removed. Some power moves are too powerful.) Isaac Hempstead Wright’s crossed legs and knowing smile, since his character’s about to become King in the North? Williams’ sunglasses and “I’m just here so I don’t get fined” pose? We pray we someday have the same energy as pretty much anyone in this photo.

Seriously, though, if this doesn’t become a “tag yourself” meme or something, the internet will have failed. This photo can even show the three big reactions to the Game of Thrones finale, with Hempstead Wright standing in as “the person who won the office pool by betting on a Stark,” Turner as “the person who definitely bet on Jon Snow to win it all,” and Williams as “the one who watched her bets / show go down in flames weeks ago and is now only here to watch the rest of it burn.”

The caption, of course, calls back to her tattoo, and as I noted during Take the Black React this week, the Starks really do have a good survival rate, all things considered.

To be fair, she previously posted a much more emotional tribute:

Although it’s been done before, this trend of revealing behind the scenes looks of pop culture’s biggest hits has really become even more of a thing thanks to both Game of Thrones and Avengers: Endgame. We can’t say we’re complaining too much, either, not when we get photos like this.

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In other words, Game of Thrones may be over, but the memes will survive, at least.