Game of Thrones: Sophie Turner’s suspicious new ink


Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner seems like she’s trying to memorialize the show, but does her new tattoo tell us more than we might think?

When you’ve spent so much time working on something, you probably have to have some sort of way to express its importance in your life. When that something is Game of Thrones, which has seen actresses like Sophie Turner grow up, it makes a serious amount of sense that she’d get a tattoo of Sansa Stark’s house sigil. That’s not the surprise here.

As Esquire UK notes in its report on the find, the mysterious part is actually what’s tattooed beneath the direwolf of House Stark: “the pack survives.” This isn’t a new line, necessarily; the concept itself has been one of Sansa’s guiding principles.

Esquire speculates that it means we’ll actually see some, if not all, the living Starks making it through season 8. We don’t have such high hopes. What it could indicate, though, is that at least one of the Starks ends the series alive — probably more than one, since you do need more that one wolf to have a true pack. If we had to gamble, we’d say it’s likely to be Sansa and someone else.

Here’s the tattoo in question:

But it could also just refer to the friends Turner has made along the way. After all, she is famously quite close to Maisie Williams. The two even have matching tattoos, marking the dates when they became part of the cast of the show.

In other words, don’t try and read too much into this tattoo. She’s grown up with Sansa Stark at this point. If she wants to be reminded to be a direwolf and that she can survive with others having her back, then she can do that.

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Either way, we kind of like that tattoo idea.