Best social media reactions to the Game of Thrones series finale


Fans definitely flocked to social media all throughout the series finale of Game of Thrones. Here’s how they felt watching the final episode.

Warning: Spoilers for the series finale of Game of Thrones are below.

The end is not only near, the end has finally happened — for Game of Thronesthat is. Going into the final episode of season 8, fans already weren’t expecting much out of this episode. And judging by the consensus of reactions online, it wasn’t a mind-blowing finale.

So much certainly went down: Daenerys became the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, Tyrion was a prisoner, Jon killed Daenerys, and thanks to a vote, Bran got to be king of the Six Kingdoms (with the North now independent, that is.)

But how did social media react to the episode? Let’s start with Tyrion, who knew (by now) Varys was right.

Then, ultimate sadness ensued when Tyrion found Jaime and Cersei’s bodies in the rubble.

Fans got a bit of a breather seeing this epic shot of Daenerys, proving the cinematography team is the real MVP of the series.

And, well, back to Tyrion who (as we expected) was going to be so done with Daenerys.

Although, it wasn’t long ’til Jon knew what he must do (kill Daenerys). Meaning, Daenerys was probably queen for a total of like, 45 minutes, right?

Poor Drogon, though, who unfortunately had to experience the worst part of The Lion King movie out in front of him.

With Daenerys unfortunately dead, that meant it was time for the Westeros 2019 election (or whatever year it was), and well, Bran won pretty unanimously by just being there. Seems familiar…

Also, we’re pretty sure Drogon was in on all of this…

At least Sansa is Queen in the North, thank goodness!

Oh, and, if you were concerned about Ghost, John was finally reunited with his dire wolf and actually petted him. But… Winston Duke has the most pressing question of them all:

Despite how fans are feeling about who’s on the throne and how everything ended, one thing’s for certain as we close out this chapter of TV history:

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