Game of Thrones finale: Did Daenerys live or die?


After Daenerys Targaryen’s brutal attack on the people of King’s Landing during last week’s episode, most fans went into the finale anticipating her death. So, was Daenerys added to the body count for season 8?

Warning: Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t seen Game of Thrones‘ final episode.

During “The Bells,” Daenerys Targaryen’s story arc took a dark turn that left plenty of fans anticipating her death heading into the series finale of Game of ThronesAfter all, Jon and Tyrion clearly weren’t thrilled with the queen’s means of taking King’s Landing—and we all know taking the throne is far easier than keeping it, especially with all the betrayal that goes on in this series.

So, did Daenerys live to see the end of the finale? Well, no.

As fans predicted, it was inevitable that she’d perish during this episode in order for the Seven Kingdoms to begin to rebuild. And Game of Thrones fans were right about another thing as well: She does get killed by someone she loves and trusts: Jon Snow (or Aegon Targaryen, if you prefer).

With Daenerys prepared to conquer the rest of Westeros and execute her Hand of the Queen, Jon attempts to reason with her—with very little success. She insists that they can’t be sidetracked with small mercies, not until they’ve created the better world she envisions. Jon, seeing through this rhetoric, does what he knows is right for the realm, even if it isn’t what he wants.

Daenerys allows herself a moment of vulnerability with the man she trusts and loves, and it gets her killed in the end. Jon drives a dagger into her heart after proclaiming that she’ll always be his queen. And it’s hard to say what’s more heartbreaking in this moment: Daenerys’ realization that Jon has betrayed her as well, or Jon’s sobbing after he’s done it. (Actually, let’s be honest, Drogon’s reaction is the hardest to watch.)

And the saddest thing about Daenerys’ death is that she does succeed in breaking the wheel. Her actions are irredeemable, but they bring Westeros to the point of forming some sort of democracy.

Unfortunately, the Dragon Queen will never be around to see the world that’s built on top of the ashes of the city she destroyed.

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