New Stranger Things LEGO set transports you to the Upside Down


Stranger Things is returning for a third season on Netflix this July. And with it comes an assortment of merchandise, including a new LEGO set.

Welcome to the Upside Down, courtesy of LEGO!

That’s right, this year it is all about Stranger Things and that means getting our hands on amazing merchandise, such as clothing inspired by the Netflix series and of course an amazing LEGO set that lets you build your very own Upside Down.

When it comes to pop culture inspired LEGO sets, there are plenty of options out there, including some very impressive Harry Potter sets that are heading our way soon. And now we have the new LEGO Stranger Things: The Upside Down building set to look forward to!

Stranger Things LEGO® set. Photo: Lego

Fans will get the chance to not only explore the Upside Down in LEGO form, but we also get a look at the Byers’ home. You can flip the brick-built model either way, playing between reality and an alternate dimension.

The fact that this set comes with amazing detail work makes this LEGO collection a must have. From the Upside Down with its dark colors, creeping vines, and more, to the house with its living room, dining room, front porch, and even Will’s bedroom, this is one set that will transport you into the world of Stranger Things in style.

Stranger Things LEGO® set. Photo: Lego

On top of getting a chance to build these two locations from Stranger Things, we also get eight minifigures from the show as well. The characters represented in LEGO form are Mike, Eleven, Dustin, Lucas, Will, Joyce, Chief Hopper, and of course the Demogorgon (because really, what would the Upside Down be without that).

If you are wondering when you can get your hands on this special set, have no fear as fans can snag the Stranger Things LEGO set on June 1. And if you are lucky enough to be a LEGO VIP member, then you can get yours even earlier, as they will be available on May 15.

Considering the third season of the series returns to Netflix on July 4, this is the perfect way to prepare yourself for the return of all of these characters. And really, who wouldn’t want to build their own Stranger Things set, while also binge watching the first two seasons?

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