15 Disney couples ranked on relationship functionality

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8. Nala and Simba

When you think of classic love songs, “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” has to pop into your head right? It certainly should. It’s one of the best in Disney’s catalogue, for one of their greatest love stories: Simba and Nala.

These two were cute from the start, however disgusted they may have been at the idea of marrying each other. It’s not often that a betrothed relationship develops into love at all.

As cubs, they never left each other’s side, and got into all kinds of mischief.  Nala had no fear of calling Simba out on his harebrained schemes. She even threatens Simba when he interrupts her bath to take her on a new adventure, saying “It better not be any place dumb.”

That bluntness and tenacity followed her – and by extension, him – into adulthood. When Nala discovers Simba while hunting Pumbaa, she’s of course ecstatic to see him. But it’s not long before she calls him out for living in hiding all these years.

She lays out the facts for him: how Scar and the hyenas have taken over, how Simba’s mother has suffered, how the pride is starving. She pulls no punches, and it’s exactly what he needs in the moment.

It’s this honesty and their friendship that would serve their relationship – and really, any relationship – well. Even in Lion King II: Simba’s Pride, it’s Nala that reigns Simba in when he gets too protective over their daughter.

They’re the definition of a power couple. The only reason they fall square in the middle of this list is because they’ve faced fewer outside forces and obstacles.