15 Disney couples ranked on relationship functionality

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9. Chicha and Pacha

Like Roxanne and Max, Chicha and Pacha from The Emperor’s New Groove are criminally overlooked. They’re also one of the most realistic couples in any Disney movie ever.

Take this scene for example; after Pacha’s gone all the way to the palace at the Emperor’s request, only to be “turned away”, Chicha is immediately angry for him. What follows isn’t so much an argument as it is a typical banter between husband and wife.

Of course, we know that Kuzco wasn’t actually unavailable. Pacha just couldn’t bear the idea of telling his wife that the Emperor was going to repossess and subsequently destroy their home to create his Kuzcotopia.

It’s certainly understandable, but that’s a big thing to keep from your wife, especially when there’s no real solution to keep it from happening. Pacha got really lucky that Llama Kuzco fell into his lap. Pacha got lucky that Kuzco was turned into a llama at all.

At the end of the day, Chicha is always on Pacha’s team. Together, they have raised smart, sassy, caring kids. They even let the kids help with the plan to distract and detain Yzma for as long as possible. When Kuzco questions Pacha on if it was actually safe to leave them with her, Pacha shows no doubt. He reassures Kuzco, saying “Oh don’t worry. They can handle themselves.”

In fact, Pacha vocalizes his love for his wife and his family pretty often. At one point in the movie, he marvels at his wife, asking her ““How’d this knucklehead ever land a catch like you?” Cue one giant “awwww!”