15 Disney couples ranked on relationship functionality

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7. Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner

Disney reserves most of their great love stories for the animated films, and it serves them well. But Elizabeth Swann’s journey with Will Turner is more than great – it’s epic. It’s devastating, but it’s epic, and that’s why they’ll be the only live-action couple in this roundup.

Like Simba and Nala, Will and Elizabeth were friends at a young age. Sure, Elizabeth suspected that he was a pirate, thanks to the medallion she found when her ship rescued him, but she chose to look past it and give him a chance. That’s a huge step, very early on.

As they got older, an attraction clearly developed, though neither of them could admit it. With that came a loyalty. When Elizabeth is kidnapped by Captain Barbossa and his crew, Will is ready to lead the charge to get her back.

He’s so determined that he doesn’t wait for anyone. In the following Pirates films, certain trust issues do develop for Will and Elizabeth, but the mark of a truly great relationship is the ability to work through those.

By the finale of At World’s End, Will and Elizabeth are finally married, but facing a whole new challenge. During the battle, Will was mortally wounded by Davy Jones. But, thanks to Jack Sparrow, Will manages to stab the heart before he dies, taking over the job of ferrying lost souls to the beyond.

This means that Will can only set foot on land once every 10 years. And yet, Elizabeth waits and stays true to him. It’s definitely a much deserved happy ending in Dead Men Tell No Tales.