15 Disney couples ranked on relationship functionality

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Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Photo: Disney/ABC

6. Sally and Jack Skellington

Whether The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Christmas movie, a Halloween movie, or both, will probably always be up for debate. One thing that is definitely not up for debate is the strength of Sally and Jack Skellington as a couple. Even Disney thinks they’re perfect.

They might be a little biased, but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong. Jack and Sally seem to be made for each other. Even outside of Tim Burton’s creepy world, these two would do exceedingly well.

They’re the prime example of opposites attracting. Jack is impulsive, and dives right into his idea of taking over Christmas. Sally on the other hand is reserved and calculated. But they both have shady methods of doing things – Sally literally poisons the doctor whenever she wants to leave – so their mutual darkness gives them some common ground.

What makes Sally particularly great is that she’s not totally a damsel in distress. Yes, she needs Jack, but she also takes situations head on, whether she knows he’ll save her or not.

Sally is also incredibly supportive of Jack…mostly. She doesn’t exactly love his plan, and warns Jack of how it will go wrong. And yet, when it inevitably does, she doesn’t say “I told you so” even once. That might be just a touch unrealistic in the human world, but they’re not exactly human.

Sally and Jack’s relationship is a slow burn. It doesn’t fully come to fruition until the end of the movie, but it’s worth the wait.