15 Disney couples ranked on relationship functionality

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5. Mulan and Shang

Mulan and Shang might be the most hardcore Disney couple there is. Both are war heroes, and both are driven by their pride. That combination could make for a couple that butts heads, but in their case, it makes for a heightened level of compatibility.

Like a few other couples on this list, Mulan and Shang began as friends. Of course, their friendship was under way different circumstances. It wasn’t even really a friendship, more than it was a begrudging respect for one another.

But respect is a key pillar of any good relationship. So is adapting. Mulan and Shang went from subordinate-superior, to savior-rescued, to equals. And when the time finally comes, Shang goes to bat for Mulan more than once, including a chance to save her life.

Shang is also a shining example of acceptance. He thought Mulan was actually Ping, a male soldier, for the bulk of their relationship. When she revealed her true identity, he could’ve spurned her entirely, having broken his trust. But he didn’t. There’s plenty of theories as to why, but the point is, they got through it.

Now, after the war, they can have a good life together, having the Emperor’s trust, plenty of honor, and a shared understanding of what went down. They can support each other in a way that no one else can.

Shang might have to worry about Mulan’s impulsiveness, especially if he is the one in danger, but in the end, these two would go the distance.