15 Disney couples ranked on relationship functionality

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Incredibles 2. Photo: Disney/Pixar

4. Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible

Bob and Helen Parr are truly incredible together. They’re a super couple, and everyone knows it.

All puns aside, there’s no doubt that these two would be just fine in real life. It’s easy to be certain, because they’re portrayed in the realest light of any couple. In both Incredibles film, they have real arguments. They bicker over Mr. Incredible’s longing for his glory days, over whether Dash should be allowed to play sports, even over their thoughts on the illegality of supers.

But the biggest moment, at least for Bob as a husband, comes in The Incredibles 2, when Elastigirl is chosen as the face of the movement to bring supers back to light. He clearly struggles with not being in the spotlight, but he still steps up to take care of the kids and supports his wife as she paves the way.

Bob didn’t let his hubris get in the way, and his marriage was stronger because of it. Admittedly, he didn’t handle his own adventures well in the first movie, but he clearly learned from those mistakes.

More than anything, Helen challenges Bob. She won’t just raise her voice, she’ll raise her whole neck to get through to him. She’s never anything short of brutally honest, and most importantly, she challenges him to be better.

That said, she gets her credit where it’s due. The robber she punched out even vouched for her (not that she needed it). Together, Mr. and Mrs. Incredible are a literal super-power couple.