15 Disney couples ranked on relationship functionality

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Anna, Kristoff and Sven from Frozen in Kingdom Hearts III. Image courtesy of Square Enix.

3. Anna and Kristoff

At the center of any good relationship is honesty. You need someone who will be real with you, even if that means being blunt sometimes. Enter Kristoff Bjorgman (yes, apparently he has a last name, according to the Essential Guide).

From the second he meets Anna, he gives her his honest opinion about agreeing to marry Hans. In fact, he straight up won’t let her help because he doesn’t trust her judgement. He doesn’t care that it might hurt her feelings, she’s a stranger to him.

As they grow into friends, their relationship only gets deeper and more vulnerable. Kristoff takes Anna to his family, knowing full well that he’s going to look crazy. But when he does, Anna doesn’t run off (much to Olaf’s confusion).

Some might argue that Anna and Kristoff only get together because of extenuating circumstances; she needs him to get to Elsa. But let’s say Elsa had never run off in the first place. It’s entirely possible that Anna would meet Kristoff while venturing around town, and he’d treat her with the same disdain, leading to the same reactions.

Most importantly, each one of them was willing to sacrifice themself for the other. Kristoff raced back across the frozen Fjords for Anna, nearly losing Sven in the process, whiled Anna did the same, all while being  barely able to walk.

When Anna changed course to save Elsa though, Kristoff clearly understood. He was heartbroken, but he got it. These two had as real a love as you could find.