The score for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is a galactic journey


John Williams is known for creating some of film’s most iconic scores, like Star Wars and Harry Potter. His latest project is for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

When Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens later this month at Disneyland and in August at Walt Disney World, guests will enter a fully immersive land that takes them out of the Mickey Mouse and princess filled parks and into a world that is like no other. The new land will transport visitors to the land of Black Spire Outpost on Batuu at the edge of the galaxy.

Along with the new land, guests are in for a real treat when it comes to the background music they will hear inside Galaxy’s Edge. John Williams, who is most recognized as creating the film scores for the Star Wars saga films, was tasked by Disney to create a new score that would be played throughout Batuu as background music in the land. We just heard the new “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Symphonic Suite,” and it is everything we wanted and more.

Imagine walking into Black Spire Outpost with this playing in the background. The beginning of the score takes guests through the entry ways into the new land as it builds to a grand reveal of Galaxy’s Edge.

The one-minute mark is what we imagine the marketplace on Batuu to feel like, filled with curiosity and vibrancy. The-two minute mark brings a sense that the First Order might be lurking around the corner. At minute three, we can imagine ourselves walking up to the Millennium Falcon, getting ready to take the ship for a cruise around the galaxy. And finally, throughout minute four of the score, we can imagine walking into Oga’s Cantina and being welcomed as a hero of the Resistance.

The “Galaxy’s Edge Symphonic Suite” is distinctly Star Wars with a new twist. We cannot wait to hear it throughout Batuu when the new land opens!

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