Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: What an Imagineer says to expect when it opens at Walt Disney World


At a media event celebrating the 30th anniversary of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Culturess went behind the scenes inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge for a tour of the new land and an interview with an Imagineer. Here’s what we learned.

From striking rock formations overhead to towering spires visible in the distance through dense trees, walking through the entrance to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is simply breathtaking.

On a recent tour of the new land coming to Walt Disney World, Scott Mallwitz, executive creative director at Walt Disney Imagineering, said Galaxy’s Edge is designed to be “a place of discovery” – with paths jutting throughout a canyon on the planet Batuu. The planet of “traders, smugglers and adventurers” will offer an immersive Star Wars experience, from the vibrant characters who call Batuu home to the attractions, dining experiences and shopping found within its walls.

“You’ve gotta think about [Galaxy’s Edge] as a lively market in a bustling spaceport,” Mallwitz told Culturess. “The overall land is an attraction in itself – the way it’s set up, the amount of compelling finishes and features and the little surprises from all over the galaxy are going to be extremely immersive.”

After our chat with Mallwitz, here’s a breakdown of what visitors can expect when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens in August 2019.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Oga’s Cantina. Photo: Disney Parks

Food and beverage

Throughout Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, visitors can sample food and drinks from all around the galaxy. At Ronto Roasters, a pit master droid will be cooking ronto – a massive beast native to Tatooine – on a spit. But not to worry: those who are unsure about feasting on ronto will be able to order more earthly barbecue delights like grilled sausage and a roasted pork wrap.

At Tugg’s Grub, located inside Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo, Chef Strono “Cookie” Tuggs (who worked for Maz Kanata in her castle on Takodana) will be running what Mallwitz calls “an intergalactic food truck,” using the spices, exotic plants and other items secured in his planet-hopping travels to feed hungry visitors.

Proprietor Oga Garra will serve up libations for adults and kids at Oga’s Cantina. (We’re excited for the Jedi Mind Trick cocktail.) Mallwitz says the cantina, which will also feature a performing driod for guests’ entertainment, will be a place for intergalactic travelers to rest.

“It’s about you recharging and swapping stories, recruiting a new crew and setting off on another part of your adventure,” said Mallwitz.

Guests can also enjoy sweet and savory varieties of “spiced grain” at Kat Saka’s Kettle – a colorful snack shop serving popcorn and beverages, and choose between blue or green milk from the Milk Stand.

The Toydarian Toymaker stall in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Photo: David Roark/Disney Parks


From Toydarian Toymaker, a whimsical toy store, to Black Spire Outfitters, an apparel shop, Galaxy’s Edge will have no shortage of shopping opportunities.

Guests may choose to build their own astromech droid at Droid Depot or visit Savi’s Workshop to hand-build their own lightsaber. And, at the Creature Cart, Mallwitz says travelers will “be able to experience creatures from all over the galaxy and take a stuffed version of them home.”

But it’s Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities that really got Mallwitz talking.

“Dok-Ondar has been a collector of all kinds of things across the galaxy – particularly relics from the Sith and Jedi eras,” Mallwitz explained. “But he’s also interested in cool objects that bridge all the Star Wars galaxies. So if you’ve got a particular interest and he’s got it, he’s gonna deliver it to you. And, if he doesn’t have it, he can probably find it.”

Mallwitz says for guests who do not speak Ithorian, Dok-Ondar’s staff will be available to help with translations.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. Photo: Disney Parks


Aboard Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, Mallwitz says guests will find themselves in the cockpit, navigating the Millennium Falcon through a fast-paced adventure with a crew of six.

And, while dates for phase two of the land are still unannounced, the Rise of the Resistance attraction promises to be a thrilling adventure as well.

“We promise to put you in the middle of an epic battle between the First Order and the Resistance,” said Mallwitz. “You’ll come face-to-face with Kylo Ren, which is frightening enough, but it’s also the most technologically advanced ride we’ve ever done with an amazing integration.”

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Photo: Disney Parks


Mallwitz says familiar faces from across the Star Wars galaxy will frequent Galaxy’s Edge during their travels, adding that the shopkeepers and people who live in Batuu will serve as characters – each with a deep backstory within themselves.

Play Disney Parks Mobile App

Enhanced experiences throughout the land will be available via the Play Disney Parks mobile app, from translating galactic languages to activating special touches throughout the land (think devices, control pads and droids.)

But, even with the extensive list of activities, experiences and characters that will be found in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Mallwitz says just strolling through Batuu may be a magical enough voyage in itself.

“You may not need to ride the Falcon,” Mallwitz joked. “There’s enough content and enough immersion in the entire village that it pays off on the pent-up demand we’ve seen over the last four years… We’ve been able to deliver a place that fits perfectly into the history of Star Wars.”

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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on August 29, 2019.