Riverdale’s prom night (murderous twist included) proves why we love this show


Riverdale took us to prom in their latest episode and while we know not to expect a good time on this soapy series, this was definitely an unexpectedly murderous night.

When it comes to Riverdale, we never know exactly what to expect. And that’s what we love about this soapy series that gives us just as much teen angst, as they do mystery and drama. But during “Prom Night” what we ended up with was an unexpected delight.

What Riverdale does best is live up to their campiness and meta humor, while sometimes making us cringe. And in the latest episode, we got everything we could have hoped for and more, and it was all thanks to the prom.

Not only did we get elaborate outfits, but we also got excellent music choices, and of course a prom queen in none other than Betty Cooper. But this is where things took a wicked turn, as Betty wasn’t there to collect her crown.

Instead, Betty was off chasing the Gargoyle King, except he wasn’t the only killer on the loose in the halls of Riverdale High. In a moment that was both surprising and yet not, the Black Hood (also known as Hal Cooper) made a reappearance in order to knock Betty down before she could shoot the Gargoyle King. And then he chased her.

On this wild run through the halls of the school, Betty came across multiple bodies, although we never really get to see them clearly. And sure, she was ready to call 911 right before Jughead got to her, but this dark journey of murder seemed at odds with the fact that there was a junior prom happening in another part of the high school.

It’s a bit sad that Betty didn’t get to really enjoy her prom or even being crowned prom queen (even if she did rig the vote in order to get that crown), after all these special nights don’t happen often. But, this is Riverdale and we can’t expect anyone to get a normal life, especially not Betty Cooper, whose father is a serial killer and whose mother is currently part of a cult.

Betty’s prom night was pretty much exactly what we expected, even as addition of the Black Hood to the mix means that there are now not one, but two killers on the loose, and of course, Hiram Lodge and Edgar Evernever. If this was a video game, it feels like the Riverdale gang would be staring down the barrel of four bad guys to take on in order to beat the game.

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What did you think of Riverdale’s “Prom Night?” Were you surprised by the return of the Black Hood? What do you think comes next? Tell us what you think in the comments.