Riverdale reminds us just how deep into the Farm Alice Cooper really is


A lot happened in the latest episode of Riverdale. With so much going on, it was hard to focus on any one thing. And yet Alice Cooper definitely took center stage (and not in a good way).

Who else remembers when Alice Cooper was one of the responsible adults on Riverdale? She used to be a hard-hitting, newswoman with the ability to see through people’s lies and deception. And now she is apparently joining the Farm, a group that her own daughter calls a cult.

I’m not sure what happened to Alice (I mean yes I do, but still). At this point, she needs an intervention and it can’t be from Betty, who has already tried to step in. I guess the big question is where is FP? Alice and FP went from being a potential couple to never having any moments together again, and that certainly can’t be a good thing.

The fact that Alice was willing to sign a waiver of liability regarding possible death just to be baptized by the farm is enough to have us sitting up in alarm. In fact, it is a reminder that even if we don’t know everything happening on the sidelines on Riverdale, things really are progressing with different storylines on the series.

With Alice, we simply did not expect her to fall down this particular rabbit hole. It’s like she gave up her career, one of her daughters, and even a new romance all because of the mysterious Farm. And that’s just not something we would have expected from Alice Cooper of all people.

If we thought this was her way of doing an investigation into the Farm that would be one thing, but based on her willingness to sign a waiver of liability and also basically allow herself to be drowned in the name of an ascension baptism, there is no way that this is all an act. Somehow, the Farm was able to whisper the kind of sweet nothings that Alice needed to hear in order to be swayed to what amounts as the dark side.

From having her own daughter committed to now wanting to get rid of her home, Alice is as deep into the Farm as one gets without being a full member (or so we think at this point). And it is honestly a scary thing.

There were several moments during “Requiem for a Welterweight” that reminded us there are a number of other main stories going on, but somehow they all seemed to pale in comparison to Alice’s descent into the world of the Farm.

I can’t imagine how Riverdale is going to try to bring Alice back from this experience. And considering Betty seems to be the only person giving the Farm the attention and scrutiny it needs, it may be a longer road than we can imagine. Hopefully, someone like FP steps up and realizes that there is something wrong with the Farm and what it is doing and starts helping Betty out.

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