Universal Monsters will terrorize beyond the screen at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights


Universal Monsters are horror icons. At this year’s Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, those classic creatures look to terrify you in the real world.

Universal is considered the movie studio that invented horror films. Anyone who has visited Universal Orlando’s Horror Make-up Show has seen and heard the history of horror characters, make-up and movie frights. These characters are as important to Universal’s cinematic history as E.T., Transformers or even Jurassic Park.

In many cases, today’s horror characters and stories would not be possible without those classic monster pioneers. From the make-up magic to the frightening storylines, these iconic creatures have paved the way for some of today’s most frightening experiences.

This fall, you can get a frightfully close look at these well-known monsters during Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. It’s a welcomed scare, as Universal hasn’t necessarily highlighted these characters with unique experiences. In gift shops, souvenirs are plentiful. Still, the face-to-face interaction or experience has never been prevalent.

Granted, Universal Orlando has the Monsters Café were people can eat amongst the creepy confines. The Horror Make-up Show is often more humorous than scary. Still, there has been much speculation on theme park expansions and new experiences, but these additions take time.

The addition of Universal Monsters to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights is a big step forward for those classic characters. While the Stranger Things haunted experience draws large crowds, these original themed haunted houses are often more frightening. It is often said that Universal knows what scares you. With the addition of these haunted houses, Universal looks to take characters that are ingrained into pop culture and shed new light on them.

Halloween Horror Nights visitors can expect to see multiple classic characters added to their theme park horror experience. From Dracula’s castle to Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory, expect the unexpected — and be prepared to scream a lot. Part of the reason why these characters and this new Halloween Horror Nights experience will be so terrifying is because it plays on the familiar. The sense of knowing leads the guest to feel comfortable. During that moment of ease, her guard is down and the fright becomes more intense.

For the Universal Studios Hollywood experience, that haunted attraction focuses on just two characters, Frankenstein and the Wolf Man. Check out this video.

While Frankenstein is a classic character, this reimagined version is definitely modernized. With his deteriorating face, this creature looks like he has risen from the dead more than once. Additionally, the strobe lights add to the intensity and disorientation of the experience. By not being able to predict what is or is not coming, the creators can keep guests off guard. Screaming (and other reactions) are a given.

Lastly, the Universal Studios Hollywood experience adds the element of original music. Like last year’s haunted attraction, Slash will provide an original score for this maze. Last year’s music acted like an additional character to the experience.

Although Slash’s score is just at the Hollywood attraction, it would be nice to have something similar at the Orlando event. Just as fans saw how music was integral in both last year’s Stranger Things maze as well as Slaughter Sinema’s experience, music completes the haunted attraction.

Noise, and music, can build the anticipation for the next scene. Just like in a movie, the building to the pivot moment is just as important as the climax. In the case of a haunted house, the music or noise enhances the experience and can make it all the more frightening.

The Universal Monsters experiences will be coming to this year’s Halloween Horror Nights. Universal Orlando Resort’s Halloween event begins Friday, September 6. Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween event starts on September 13.

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Do you dare face Universal Monsters at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights? Iconic characters may do more than lurk in your dreams.