See the new image for the Halloween Horror Nights’ Stranger Things maze


Universal’s newest Halloween Horror Nights maze, Stranger Things, just released its first look images. Are you prepared for the chaos within?

The most anticipated Halloween Horror Nights maze is definitely the Stranger Things maze. With the just-released first look images, psychological haunts will be even more terrifying than previous years. Wonder what is lurking behind that wall?

According to Universal, the Stranger Things maze will bring iconic scenes from the popular Netflix show to its Halloween event. Guests will transverse recreated scenes from the show. From Hawkins National Laboratory to the flashing Christmas lights in the Byers’ home, fans will feel as if they stepped into this eerie world.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Halloween Horror Nights without a few unexpected twists and turns. Could creatures be scratching their way through walls? Would the walls ooze? More importantly, will there be some awesome ’80s music playing in the background?

For those braving the Orlando maze, the ’80s theme seems to be huge. The Orlando event features a lot of ‘80s-inspired frights: from punk to ’80s horror films, we can only hope that the ’80s soundtrack from Stranger Things will be on heavy rotation.

Halloween Horror Nights maze, Stranger Things, new image, photo provided by Universal

Looking specifically at the new poster art, the Demogorgon looks to have a huge role in the maze. Like some horror mazes, the final scenes usually have the biggest scare or the best visual. How the maze wraps around and does the final reveal should be quite interesting.

Although the poster art shows the Stranger Things kids, it will be curious to see how they are incorporated into the maze. While it makes sense to have Eleven move something, we’re not sure how the other characters will bring the “fear” factor. Although, Universal knows how to craft a horror story/creepy maze, and we’re sure that this one will be impressive.

Since everyone will want to see this new maze, the wait will probably be quite scary. A VIP pass could be a great investment during the limited run event. After all, Stranger Things isn’t coming back to Netflix for a while. That means this Halloween event is the newest iteration of the brand that fans will get to see this year.

The Stranger Things maze will be available at Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood starting September 14. Also, it will open at Universal Studios Singapore on September 27.

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Are you getting excited for the Stranger Things Halloween Horror Nights maze? Will you get lured into the Upside Down or will you just be memorized by the haunting experience?