Universal Studios’ Slaughter Sinema haunted house will make you scream


Get those popcorn buckets ready. Slaughter Sinema at Universal Studios looks like it might be a double feature without a happily ever after.

Have you purchased a ticket? Slaughter Sinema is the terrifying movie-inspired experience that Halloween Horror Night Universal Orlando fans are ready to watch. Instead of the campy, B-movies that produce a light-hearted laugh, these cinematic creations could fill your nightmares. Be wary of that popcorn bucket. That tasty treat might be hiding a dark secret.

Universal Orlando just released photos and a video for its new haunted house, Slaughter Sinema. This haunted house theme takes a twist on the old-school, movie drive-in and kitschy B-movies. Instead of the silly, almost adorable monster lurking in the dark, these frights will have you screaming in fear.

This new haunted house features Universal’s twisted take on horror B-movies. Scenes include Midnight Snacks 2: The House Swarming, Devil Dogs (werewolf bikers) and Barber Chop (a lethal barber). While these “movies” may not have had a release date, the disturbing scenes are definitely something that will be etched in your memory.

After watching the video and looking at the pictures, you can tell there is a strong ’80s vibe. The ’80s metal/hair band-influenced music is reminiscent of MTV music videos from Headbangers Ball. While some people called that music demonic, those classic riffs could definitely conjure some eerie memories.

HHN18 First Look Stranger Things/Slaughter Sinema HHN18, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort

Personally, the Midnight Snacks scene could be extremely frightening. Even though I have a very adventurous appetite, I fear eating in the dark or eating something that I can’t see. I never want to find something hidden at the bottom of the popcorn bowl. Hopefully, there is no Fear Factor eating requirement in this portion of the haunted housed.

Looking at the pictures, I can’t wait to see the Yeti scene. I always envisioned the Yeti like Bumble from those classic Christmas movies. After seeing this poster, I can never look at a Yeti that way again. It is so not a fuzzy, mythical creature that could be tamed. This creature wants to rip my head off.

18-34771 HHN18 First Look Stranger Things/Slaughter Sinema. Photo courtesy of Universal Orlando Resort. HHN18 First Look Stranger Things/Slaughter Sinema

Stranger Things

HHN18, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort.

Overall, Slaughter Sinema seems to draw on the Universal Studios Orlando Horror Makeup Show. Universal has had such a long, storied history with horror movies. That particular show does a great job of highlighting the talent needed to do it well and the fun behind it. Just like Halloween Horror Nights itself, there is the scare, but then you laugh at how scared you got. It is a twisted yet fun experience.

Slaughter Sinema joins the highly anticipated Stranger Things haunted house and eight other haunted houses, scare zones and more. This year’s event runs a total of 36 nights from Sept. 14 through Nov. 3. Tickets for this event are separate from regular park admission.

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Will you purchase your ticket for Slaughter Sinema? This special feature doesn’t offer a refund, but it might leave a lasting nightmare.