What can fans expect in Stranger Things haunted house at Universal Studios?


Does this new video give a glimpse into the Stranger Things haunted house at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights?

At this year’s Halloween Horror Nights, the Stranger Things haunted house is the most-anticipated new offerings of the annual event. As more and more details emerge before the Sept. 14 opening night, fans prepare themselves for their trip into the Upside Down. Although, it is questionable if they will return from that trip unscathed.

Universal just released a new video and photos from inside the Stranger Things haunted house. Looking at the pictures and video, it appears that some of the scenes will focus on season 1 more than season 2. These images show that this attraction will surely have fans lining up to experience this frightening event.

Since Stranger Things is probably the biggest draw of this year’s event, this particular haunted house seems to be quite large. In Orlando, it will occupy the space in front of the Rip Ride Rockit/performance stage. Given the location, you have to traverse a scare zone to get to it. Also, the area provides a lot of waiting space for the potential long (or rather, very long) lines.

After watching the video and starting at the pictures, it appears that the haunted house maze will feature Will’s house (with the lights/letters on the wall), the Hawkins lab, the school, and Will’s hideout. And keep in mind, while the video shows flashlights, guests aren’t allowed to bring flashlights inside — so no snooping around like you’re the Stranger Things crew looking for clues.

The iconic light/letter wall will be a big feature. While not overly startling, it could set the mood for the beginning of the haunted house. Maybe guests will be required to decode a message to make it back through the Upside Down.

Today, Universal Studios reveals first look images from the “Stranger Things” haunted maze coming to Halloween Horror Nights 2018. photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort

As for Will’s hideout, I would guess that creepy things or scare actors will jump out of that area. A lot of noise/confusion scenarios could happen with the scene.

The Hawkins lab would likely be a spot to feature Eleven’s telekinetic powers. Doors could slam shut. Things could fly into walls. Eleven isn’t in this video clip, but she has to be featured somewhere. Given the amount of HHN merchandise featuring her, it seems likely that she will be a major part of the haunted house.

Today, Universal Studios reveals first look images from the “Stranger Things” haunted maze coming to Halloween Horror Nights 2018. photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort

One aspect that should be the most fun (or gross, depending on your take) would be the walls mimicking the entry to the Upside Down. If Universal can capture the slimy movement in an unpredictable way, this feature could scare people more than a life-size Demogorgon. Even though the falling particles (the fake snow-like substance) is creepy, the walls could offer a huge fright. Just look at how people jump with the scare actors at Kong. Now imagine how people would jump with a hand coming out of a wall.

While all this speculation is fun, fans don’t have too much longer to wait for the real experience. Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort opens on Sept. 14 and runs through Nov. 3. The event does require a separate ticket.

Exclusive Stranger Things merchandise at Universal's HHN. light. Related Story

Are you prepared to enter the Stranger Things haunted house? Only enter if you are willing to bring some part of the Upside Down back with you.