Exclusive Stranger Things merchandise is coming to Universal Studios for Halloween


Are you scared yet? Exclusive Stranger Things merchandise will be sold at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, but will you capture it for yourself?

Your wallet might be upside down after seeing all the exclusive Stranger Things merchandise that will be sold at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights. These special offerings have fans wanting to scoop up every last item. The question is, how quickly will they sell out?

Recently, Close Up, Universal Orlando Resort’s official blog, released photos of exclusive Halloween Horror Nights merchandise. In addition to compilation and Annual Passholder merchandise, the exclusive Stranger Things merchandise will surely be this season’s must-have items. With the highly anticipated Stranger Things haunted house debuting this year, these items will be on everyone’s must buy list.

Looking at the released pictures, the must-have item will surely be the image with Eleven above the Universal Studios arch in the Upside Down. This image captures all the show extremely well. It references the first season with Eleven in her pink dress and the boys riding their bikes. The image is eerie yet memorizing, like the show itself.

Exclusive Stranger Things merchandise at Halloween Horror Nights, from Close Up, Official Universal Orlando

Resort Blog.

The use of the Universal arch in the Upside Down is a great idea. It would be curious to know what the Universal world would be in the alternative universe. Could Rip Ride Rocket have a backwards plunge, or maybe the Minions would be gigantic sized. This visual image is a smart marketing point for Universal and Halloween Horror Nights.

Also, one of the fun merchandise options is the Stranger Things mug. With the Demogorgon’s teeth imprinted on the inside of the mug, it could make your morning latte a little more strange. Let’s just hope that the Demogorgon doesn’t leave anything in your mug.

Much of this year’s merchandise features the phrase, “We Know What Scares You.” This simple phrase does sum up this year’s theme. Instead of the gory, character-driven haunts from previous years, this year focuses more on the psychological fears that are often deep-rooted in people’s minds. From creepy clowns to mutant vegetation, these long-standing fears could have guests trembling long after they leave the park.

HHN 2018 exclusive merchandise, photo from Up Close, Official Universal Orlando Resort Blog.

While these select images were released, the blog post states that additional merchandise will be revealed at Halloween Horror Nights itself. With some of this year’s attractions having a retro-feel, it will be interesting to see if this theme is carried into other merchandise images. A punk rock-themed shirt or even a riff on some day-glow ’80s clothes would be a fun idea.

Halloween Horror Nights 2018 opens at Universal Studios Orlando on Sept. 14. It runs on select dates through Nov. 3. This event requires a special ticket.

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Will you commemorate your visit to the Upside Down with exclusive Stranger Things merchandise? Missing out could be the thing that scares you for years to come.