Look into the light: Poltergeist beckons the brave as the latest Halloween Horror Nights maze


Only the brave can gaze into the light. Poltergeist, the legendary supernatural horror film, comes to Halloween Horror Nights for the first time ever.

Poltergeist is considered by many people one of the scariest movies of all time. For the first time ever, the iconic horror film is being transformed into a nightmarish maze. As the light glows and summons people from afar, only the fearless can cross back into the real world before it is too late. Are you that courageous?

For many people, Poltergeist was the first scary movie that really played with their fear zones. While most people don’t live above a cemetery, the idea that something or someone is lurking in a house’s shadows is a childhood fear. Who hasn’t heard a noise, felt a chill or just sensed something out of place? This scary movie played into those deeply rooted fears.

Poltergeist at Halloween Horror Nights, photo provided by Universal

While other horror movies relied on demonic characters and horrific outcomes, this Tobe Hooper and Steven Spielberg movie played on the psychological aspects of fear. From ghostly apparitions to that iconic flickering television, this movie’s timeless qualities still make as frightening today as it was over 35 years ago. Even without modern special effects, movie fans are still jumping off the couch in fear.

In this new Halloween Horror Nights maze, guests get lured into the Freeling family house. While Universal hasn’t released all the details, the terrifying experience will include most of the movie’s iconic scenes and memorable characters. For those people who fear clowns, the menacing clown will be making an appearance, too.

The addition of this particular maze follows the theme throughout this year’s Halloween Horror Nights. Most of the new additions seem to have an ’80s influence. From the return of Chucky to the punk rocker scare zones, the ’80s seem to be making a huge comeback in the annual horror event.

Even the highly anticipated Stranger Things maze has the ’80s connection: the extremely popular Netflix show is set in the ’80s. Have the ’80s reached the point of nostalgia? Who knew that the big shoulder pads, earworm music, and neon colors have reached the point of being old school?

Beyond the ’80s theme, many of this year’s attractions seem to prey on the psychological scare versus the gruesome factor. Of course, blood and guts can get anyone to scream and jump. But, does that gruesome image stay in the back of your mind three days later when you’re walking through your house in the dark?

For many people, the underlying fears affect them more deeply. From the dislike of the evil clown to the strange noise in the dark, sometimes a person’s own imagination can produce a bigger scare. Universal seems to be playing on the thoughts in guests’ heads to get them jumping, screaming and running into the dark of night this year.

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Halloween Horror Nights opens in Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood on Sept. 14. The Poltergeist maze will join other announced attractions like the Stranger Things maze. Halloween Horror Nights will run on select nights through Nov. 3. This annual event is a separately ticketed event.

Is the light calling you? Conqueror your fears and enter the Poltergeist maze. Just make sure that you get out.