Creepy clowns are taking over Halloween Horror Nights


Are you afraid of creepy clowns? This year’s Halloween Horror Nights is definitely not for people who suffer from coulrophobia.

Do creepy clowns haunt your nightmares? Halloween Horror Nights is preying on your worst fear, clowns. Two ’80s clown horror icons will be lurking in scare zones at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights. This year, both Revenge of Chucky and Killer Klowns from Outer Space will be sneaking up behind guests. Will you jump in fear?

The Revenge of Chucky scare zone will turn Universal Studios into a demonic toy fair. Ever wonder what happens to those childhood toys at Halloween? While those special toys should hold precious childhood memories, these lethal toys are out to bring chaos. Those cute monkeys no longer want to play cymbals, they want to crush skulls.

Incorporating Chucky into one of the scare zones is a great choice for Universal. Anyone who has seen Horror Makeup Show has seen Chucky staring out at guests. This horror character is definitely scary, but it also has a sense of humor. Like the movies, the scenes are scary, but it is less about the gore factor.

The toy idea plays on deep-rooted fears. Sure no one wants to see a deranged killer running with a chainsaw, but the toy concept creeps into your brain. Could that doll be secretly watching and waiting for you? Could losing a board game really have you losing your marbles, literally?

Creepy clowns are taking over Halloween Horror Nights, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort

In the other new scare zone, the Killer Klowns from Outer Space bring a sci-fi, horror aspect to the annual Universal Studios event. The scare zone features an interstellar circus tent. Since it is a circus, the enticing aroma of cotton candy beckons. But, that cotton candy may not be the fairy floss that you love. Those killer klowns are ready to shoot their ray guns and turn people into cotton candy snacks.

Personally, the aroma of cotton candy is extremely scary for me. Maybe it was the combination of a bad state fair and a spinning ride, but that sugary treat instantly makes me run, hide and scream in terror. If people like me can get beyond the cotton candy smell, this scare zone could be a lot of fun.

Again, this new scare zone focuses more on a story, than just pure gore. Like many people who enjoy Halloween Horror Nights, the scare is followed by the laughter. Of course, everyone understands that these are experiences, not reality, but you can’t help but be scared. The laughter comes because you know that it’s not real.

The throwback to the ’80s movie makes this area both fun and scary. The ’80s are having a great nostalgia moment. Just like the popularity of Stranger Things, people are looking back with fondness on this time period. The theme for this year’s event is all about the ’80s. Who knew that neon, shoulder pads and bad hair would become a horror theme?

This year’s Halloween Horror Nights runs from September 14 through November 3 at Universal Orlando Resort. The event requires a special ticket and additional details will be revealed over the next several months.

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Will you be running scared from creepy clowns? Just don’t run through the gates at Universal Orlando Resort or those clowns might never leave your nightmares.