15 must-watch singing acts from America’s Got Talent

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Evie Clair

Evie Clair had a special meaning behind her season 12 audition for the show. At 13 years old, she sang Christina Perri’s song “Arms,” in honor of her father who was, at the time, battling cancer.

Sadly, her dad lost his battle with cancer and passed away in September of 2017. Her passion and emotion gave the performance an incredible amount of depth that everyone in the room felt. She continued to impress the judges and, for a few of her acts, beautifully played the piano to accompany her singing. She made it all the way to the finals and ended up in the top 10 overall, but did not make it to the top five.

Nowadays, Evie occasionally posts videos to YouTube and updates her social media and website with her performances. She released her first album called Valentine which features covers of popular love duets sung by well-known artists like John Legend, Charlie Puth, and Bruno Mars.

She is still performing in different parts of the states including New York, Arizona, and California. We’re wishing her all the luck on her journey! She has a beautiful voice, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.