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Kitty Pryde movie

In the scape of divergent MCU rumors, Brian Michael Bendis’ untitled X-Men script is one of the most ambiguous Marvel theories. However, since Bendis was previously penning a Kitty Pryde film, we’re still hopeful that his vague script-writing project is about Kitty (or at least heavily features her).

Like many powerful and beloved X-Men characters, Kitty has been a background character in the live-action productions at best. Whether her potential solo film features the comic run where she takes a break from her heroic shenanigans to go to college or the full range of her nearly infinite powerset, there’s still a lot to clarify about her on-screen version. We just hope Kitty will be portrayed as both Jewish and bi+ (after all, the decades of queer-coding is already there in her comic predictor).

Just like there’s still a lot of potential storylines Kitty’s on-screen counterpart could venture into, there are a lot of underrated X-Men that still deserve solo films or an initial on-screen debut in general. Though the future of X-Men and adjacent X-teams is still unclear given the Fox-Disney merger, we’re more than ready for Xavier Academy to crossover into Marvel’s cinematic universe.