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Hawkeye (Cover image via Marvel Comics)

Hawkeye series

With the Black Widow film on the not-so-distant cinematic horizon, Clint Barton (Hawkeye) is the only member of the original six Avengers who hasn’t gotten a solo production yet. While his Disney+ series would give viewers some context into his life-pre-Avengers, it isn’t just about Clint. After all, Clint isn’t the only expert archer in Marvel comic lore, nor is he the only Hawkeye. In fact, Kate Bishop is potentially the best (Clint, the self-imposed president of the Kate Bishop fan club, told us himself).

The series could work to simultaneously introduce Kate Bishop into the MCU before she actively debuts in the current continuity of the film part of the universe. With Young Avengers rumored to start weaving into the MCU, the Disney+ series could use Clint Barton’s hiatus from retirement to introduce Kate’s characterization before she officially assembles as one of the Young Avengers members.

The proposed synopsis for his series focuses on his helping Kate Bishop, who we all know is well-versed in archery and crime-fighting before she meets Clint in the comics. Focusing on his reversed retirement could signify that Clint won’t die in Avengers: Endgame, but he also might not be a primary character in the upcoming phase of the MCU. He might just stay in retirement until his friends really need any extra archer, but we could assume that Kate would take on the Hawkeye moniker and duties about Barton is doing non-heroic things.