MCU rumors: Your guide to all the Marvel films and Disney+ series

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Since there are a lot of rumors, confirmations, and subsequent theories about the Disney+ Marvel series and MCU films, we thought we’d catalog all of them. You know, so you can keep a record of everything for your own fan-theorying.

We’re not sure who documented the first fan theory in the history of fandoms, but it’s clear that fan theories are a prominent part of the comic book movie ecosystem. To be honest, we aren’t complaining because it gives us a non-taxing, nerdy hobby between all the movie releases, television debuts, and comic book issues. Plus, it helps us interact with the rest of the fanbase, which subtly proves that we can always make new friends.

Now that Disney+ is shaping up to be a solid new streaming service, there are even more fan theories about the MCU films. While we’re hoping and waiting for Marvel to give Monica Rambeau the spinoff trilogy she deserves, there are thankfully dozens of theories about some rumored MCU television series on Disney+.

Disney’s streaming platform will help extend the MCU into the upcoming television series. And, it’s a plus to know the shows will help the MCU incorporate expended, character-driven stories in canon without diverting the main plot of the collective cinematic universe to a multi-movie long tangent. Honestly, we appreciate that kind of storytelling because it means even more comic narrative can come to life on the streaming service.

While some series, such as the untitled Loki show and the Scarlet Witch and Vision series, have already been confirmed, there are still a lot of rumors circulated about many more shows and films in the production for the ever-growing cinematic universe. However, we aren’t just dissecting the lengthy list of rumored Marvel Disney+ shows (which will likely only grow), we’re also looking at some rumored and confirmed MCU films — because we can’t forget the movie lineup.

Seeing as the lengthy list of rumored and confirmed MCU films and series is only growing longer, we’ve curated your guide to all the marvelous Disney+ shows and some of the upcoming MCU movies.