Style Diaries: How to dress like Lady Gaga on a budget

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Over the years, Lady Gaga’s style has run the gamut of variety. We have even seen her wear a meat dress, but now she is a true style icon.

If there is one thing we can say about Lady Gaga’s style, it is definitely unique. The singer and actress has shown the world that she is all about staying true to herself, and that includes having a fashion sense that can be a scene stealer, which is why she is our latest Style Diaries subject.

While she has certainly changed what a statement look means for her, we still take a lot of inspiration from the things that Lady Gaga wears for any number of engagements. In fact, in the last year, her closet has captivated us and made us wish we could borrow a few pieces every once in a while.

Although we may not be able to snag an outfit right out of the singer’s own closet, that doesn’t mean we can’t find pieces that channel her style. Plus, our big goal is to make sure that we are staying on a budget, which means no breaking the bank when we shop for our Lady Gaga inspired pieces.

With her newly minted sense of elegance, fashion, and trendiness, Lady Gaga is a true style icon. And we think the following pieces will have you feeling like you are channeling Mother Monster in the best possible ways.

Whether you snag one piece or all of them, we think you’ll fall in love with these Lady Gaga alternatives. And the fact that these are all affordable looks make this a win-win.