Style Diaries: How to dress like Emily Blunt on a budget

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There are plenty of actresses that have an elegance and sense of style about them that make them our fashion icons, and Emily Blunt is definitely one such leading lady.

When it comes to putting together a stunning wardrobe, we often look to celebrities as our style icons. We turn to them for inspiration and to guide us in terms of what we want to wear. One of our recent style obsessions is Emily Blunt.

Over the years, she has proven to be one of those celebrities who is fashion forward and ready to make a statement, even if that means stepping out in an outfit that matches her husband, John Krasinski. Considering we remember her turn in one of the most iconic fashion movies of the last 20 years, The Devil Wears Prada, it really is not that surprising that we look to Blunt to inspire us when it comes to her style.

While we often look at red carpet styles and wish we could look as stunning, there is actually nothing that says we can’t take inspiration from those looks. And while they may be special occasion outfits, there are times when we want to look that good. And if anyone’s red carpet looks can be an inspiration, Blunt is definitely at the top of the list.

So whether you are looking for a special occasion look inspired by the actress or something a bit more casual (and ready for a day out with the girls), we think you’ll love all of these fashions based on some of Blunt’s best looks.