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The Obama family dogs

Who else misses the Obama family and their amazing Portuguese water dogs? Bo and Sunny were a delightful addition to the White House, and we miss getting to see pictures and videos of these adorable pups as they made themselves at home in the nation’s capital.

While we can still see some posts featuring Bo and Sunny thanks to Michelle Obama’s Instagram account, it’s just not the same. However, we still love getting to see this dynamically adorable duo popping up on the former First Lady’s social media account, even if it doesn’t happen nearly as often as we might like.

Honestly, we would love to see these pups showing up on social media even more than they have, as the last time we really saw them was back in March of 2017. Luckily we can go back and check out older pictures and videos of Sunny and Bo when we miss their more regular appearances.

Perhaps our favorite video and also the saddest, is the final video of Michelle Obama with the two pups as they take their last walk through the White House before they went back to civilian life. There is something so joyous and free about the video, even as it is a reminder that the Obamas are no longer leading the country forward.

If you haven’t seen the video or it has been a while, we have you covered, as we included it below. It is definitely one of those videos that makes us smile, even as it is also emotional for many of us.