15 adorable and super famous pets

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Martha Stewart and Emperor Han

Martha Stewart is a known animal lover with her own menagerie of pets, including horses, cats, birds, and a number of dogs including a gorgeous Chow Chow named Emperor Han. While much of her focus may be on the empire she runs that includes teaching people how to decorate their homes and cook amazing meals, the fact is that she is also a proud animal parent.

If you browse her Instagram account, you will find pictures of her animals that pop up in between those posts about decorating and cooking (which always makes for a fun surprise in the midst of all of that perfection). This includes pictures of her dog Emperor Han, who has even been photographed by her Executive Director of Design.

With a name like Emperor Han, it is clear that he is a star in his own right. As an elegant and perhaps a bit demanding of a pup, anytime he makes an appearance on Stewart’s social media account he catches our attention.

Of course, Emperor Han is not the only animal that Stewart owns, which is why other pets like Bettie Noir the Frenchie, Empress Qin (the other Chow in her life), and Creme Brulee the French bulldog are also fun arrivals on social media. Honestly, every one of Stewart’s animals is a celebrity in their own right, but I admit that the Emperor is definitely my favorite of all of her pets (one, because of his name and two, because I grew up with Chow Chows).