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Spencer Pratt’s hummingbirds

If you happen to follow Spencer Pratt on Instagram then you already know that he is an avid fan of hummingbirds. While he has been known to post pictures of the birds, for the most part he posts videos which is an awesome thing to see because getting closeups of these birds in action is extremely impressive.

Considering Pratt has been written about in Audubon because of his bird love, his appreciation for these animals makes him a must follow on social media. While he may have become famous thanks to his role in the reality series The Hills, his love of birds is definitely what keeps him on our radar.

Learning about what led to his obsession with hummingbirds is definitely fascinating, as his initial appreciation came after he and his wife came across a nest with two eggs a few years ago. A day after his discovery, the birds hatched on the very same time day that he learned that his wife was pregnant. For Pratt, this felt like a sign of some sort and the appreciation for these birds has just continued to grow.

We love the fact that Pratt is a fan of an animal outside of the usual pet. And of course, following his Instagram account often gives us beautiful moments with these stunning birds.

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When it comes to celebrity pets, we love when our favorite stars share pictures and videos on social media. And the fact that some of these amazing pets become stars in their own right is equal parts adorable and fascinating. We love following cute animals online and what better way to do that than to follow our favorite celebs while we are at it.