15 adorable and super famous pets

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We love animals, and so do many of our favorite celebrities. We really love when they share their pets with us on social media.

When our favorite celebrity has a soft spot for animals, and shares their love for pets on social media, it can be exciting for the rest of us. Not only does it remind us that celebrities are a lot like us, but it also calls to our own love of animals.

Whether they are sharing their pets on a consistent basis, or only occasionally share their appreciation, we love seeing our favorite celebrities posting about their pets. And some of these pets have become celebrities in their own right thanks to their famous parents. While some of these famous animals may have their own social media accounts, others make special appearances on their owners’ accounts.

At times, we get to see our favorite celebrities paying tribute to their animals, and then there are the pets that make repeat appearances, both in videos and pictures. Two of our favorite places to follow these famous pets are Instagram and Twitter, where we get to see updates on these adorable celebrity animals as soon as they get posted.

From Chris Evans’ rescue dog Dodger, to Glen Close’s famous pup Pip, there are a lot of adorable and famous celebrity animals out there. And if they have their own social media accounts, it can be a treasure trove of adorableness that makes us go awww, while also inspiring us to learn more about everything from rescue dogs and cats, to how these celebrities met their pets for the first time.